Monday, January 3, 2011

Castlewood Canyon

Unfortunately it has taken me way to long to get this post up - it has been a very busy time with friends and family.  We had a really nice warm day in Colorado (a little before christmas) and had an opportunity to explore a climbing area that was new to us with a couple of friends.  I really wish I had taken more photos of the area - the boys ran wild and Hannah and I enjoyed exploring the unique rock formations.  All I could think of was the book and movie Where the Wild Things are - a favorite from my childhood.

Castlewood Canyon

Planning their moves on the problem

Our sweet friend Hannah who injured her shoulder just after our girls day of climbing.  The result was a torn and completely separated Labrum and then surgery - while waiting to hear the verdict she just had to get out of the house and explore - Hannah we wish you a quick and successful healing of your shoulder.

Ro is always smiling

Dill putting in some hard work on a big move with a good spot from Lucas

Dillon worked really hard and made good progress on his problem

Ro kept busy playing hide and seek and being sneeky

The best part was that everybody had a really fun time.  Especially during the pine cone war.  Thank you to Hannah and Lucas for sharing a fun adventure with me and the boys.  We cannot wait for the next one - when Hannah will be able to climb again.  Although it is not just about the climbing - it is the fun times and exploring with friends outside that make these experiences so memorable.

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