Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saying Good Bye to Friends

Sadly very early on Weds morning Mike and I helped to take the Tiffee family to the airport.  They are moving back to the states to finish the clinical part of med school.  They were a very important and solid part of the student and spouses community here on the Island.  They made everyone feel at home and welcome.  They are very missed already - we wish them the best of luck as they continue the journey we have all begun.

Hmmmm and how is this all going to fit - and yes it did require multiple vehicles to get the whole family to the airport.  I kind of had a picture in my mind of, dogs, luggage

Not sure if Arden was quite ready for the trip....

taking Iva and Rainey for their last walk on the island

As the sun began to rise the luggage train began.....

Steve doing a great job manuevering the loaded cart off the curb

The Tiffee wagon train (minus Steves car)

What can I say Tiffee's we miss you lots, thanks for all the memories and it would not have (and it wont be)  been the same without you..  The best of luck to you and on your next adventure.

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