Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Fun Tidbits

Well, well we have had some fun little stuff in the last few days.  Thursday night at approximately 11:37 we had an earthquake on the island - unbeknownst to some of us.  Although the picture in the bathroom was sideways in the morning.  Supposedly the epicenter was about 50 miles away.  Our neighbor Alexi said she really felt it - the rest of us - we were either sleeping or laying in bed and had no clue.  Maybe next time - the cool thing is Ronan can now claim an earthquake and a hurricane, the little weather boy he is.

Last night was a full moon (if there had been no cloud cover) and Alexi (my new workout partner) and I decided to do a running race that was at night over on the French side.  It has been a long time since I had run a race, and I think a first with a headlamp on as it was really dark without the moon.  My body does not like working out at night and the humidity was really high - so I was happy to complete the race in one piece and it felt good.  It was Alexi's first race ever and she did amazing.  I wish we had some pics to add but we just looked like we came out of a shower we were so sweaty, so noone is missing anything special there.  The best part of the race - well to help re-hydrate from all that sweating they provide you with beer.  Only on an island I tell was alot of fun - glad I did it.

We are in the middle of Block Weekend (the weekend before all the med students have all their exams on Monday) so the power is going out a fair amount - everyone inside with air conditioning on feverishly studying.  This means it is a good time to get out and explore the island.  Look for some fun posts to come as I experiment with my new toys for my camera - with the help of my sister while she is here.

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