Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Day, Magical Evening

It has come to be that on non-block exam weekends Mike will usually spend a half day with us exploring or going to the beach.  It is a special treat for the boys to spend daddy time and get a meal out ( a true rarity when living as a student with a family).  This last Sunday morning was declared family time and it was decided that we would show or share Guana Bay and the fun boogie boarding with Dad.  The boys had a blast and it seemed Dad did to - with smiles all around and everyone staying in the water as long as possible.  After catching some good waves we headed back hitting up the grocery store on the way and eating lunch at Toppers - a place we had not tried before - the bruschetta was nice and garlicky and the boys loved the burgers.  With full bellies we headed home for an afternoon rest in the cool air conditioning.  This soon lead to a late afternoon power outage.....

Beach Bum McG's ready for some wave action.

Our oh so serious driver is in dire need of relaxation!!

A photo of our very UNRELIABLE power source on the way to Guana Bay

Guana Bay and St.Barths

Playing in the waves

The boys

AAAHHH, no studying for the moment.

Our happy water babies

Ro's drip castle

All smiles

What more do you need?

And a coconut.....

Pack mule dad bringing the kids to the car sand-free.

A local cricket match - we are still trying to figure out this game.....

We tried to rest as long as possible once the power went out - but it was not meant to be.  The boys were ansy so I took them to the pool while Mike studied.  You kinda know when the power is out as everyone congregates at the pool - what a better way to stay cool and something to do.  As we hung out longer and longer wondering when the power would come on.......we got word from dad - power is on......never mind....tricked ya, it is off again.  So, we stayed longer. Mike decided to join us as well.  Soon dusk began to fall and the bats came out to eat all the mosquitos.  Ronan squeeled with delight as he sat on dads shoulders in the pool and the bats dove down close to the pool.  Amazing and fun to watch.  The closer he could get the better for him (the bat and Ronan).  Eventually it was dark and we needed to head up to find our head lamps and fix some kind of dinner.  Along the way Dillon made a special discovery - he spotted lightening bugs.  These were always a special part of my childhood and it seems they are not as common as they used to be. Ronan was once again screeching with enthusiasm and running in the dark to catch one of these childhood wonders.  I am sure the whole neighborhood now knows Ronan as the loud one.......the security guard actually wandered over to check what all the fuss was......just a child enjoying these fun creatures of the night.  We took our time to watch the fireflys flash their special lights for us and slowly made our way home.  SO thankful for a wonderful day at the beach and finished off by a magical evening filled with bug eating bats and special lightening bugs.  All of this opportunity because the power was out.......nothing better than special opportunities at the least expected times.  I am so glad my boys had the experience of discovering fire flies in the dark unexpectedly - a special memory from my childhood that could not be re-created unless it just happened - and it did.  A perfect end to a perfect day!!!!!

Enjoy the video - sorry for the crappy quality it was our underwater camera - but as you can tell we are having a blast.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWn1A3FmGJo

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekly Tidbits

Usually this post comes on a Sunday evening. Well,  the local electric company had others ideas - we had a lengthy power outage that started mid-afternoon and continued into evening (we had outages everyday this week but laundry day).  This lended itself to a late swim in the pool and a picnic with head lamps in the house.  We had another fun filled week with lots of fun stuff - meaning beach and pool time of course.  The boys finished their castle project - we will post a picture this week.  We also had a nice strong breeze one day and we did a better test with the windmill - it really works well - we declare that science project a success!!!!!  The boys and I made a solo shopping trip and it was a success without having to go to 10 different stores......that is a rarity here - the boys were also excited that we got great parking spots.  It really helps to do all your errands in the AM.  We played with some new friends at the beach - Karla who's husband is attending school here joined us at the beach and pool with her 3 boys Elijah, Ethan and Eric.  They are very cute, funny and DARING little boys.  Enjoy some photos form our week.

One of the planes ready for take off at Maho Beach

Rainy day in Puerto Cupecoy

Interesting choices at the grocery store.  All I heard was "Ronan stop poking the eyeball".

A Furry friend Ronan rescued from the pool

The creamiest butter ever......Papa does this look familiar?

Yummy Yummy

Ronan studying with Dad

One of the boys new Dutch writing books

More fun books

Hopefully Papa can help with translation

More beach treasures

Another beautiful week on the island

Friday, September 24, 2010

More and More Beach Time!

Well, the last week included ALOT of beach time - not really planned that way - it just kinda happened.  How could it not - there are over 70 beaches on the island after all.  We got to spend a spur of the moment afternoon at Mullet Bay with Ezra and his mom flying Ezra's kite watching the crazy ocean.  People were pretty daring that day and were getting taken out by the waves all over the place -the boys carefully scoped out the water and waves and chose to play it safe, playing in the waves hitting the shore.

Sunday we explored a new beach with our friends, Guana Bay.  Upon arrival and testing the waves with their boogie boards the boys declared it their favorite beach.  Good call Anushka.  As you will see in the photos it is a beautiful beach that is people free.  The water stays shallow a long ways - which is perfect for the boys to catch waves.  If they want to catch a bigger wave I can take them out a little further then they can reach, absolutely perfect.  We went for a nice beach/treasure hunt walk and collected lots of shells and rocks to bring home.  We were also joined with some of our other neighbors Erin and Alexi.  It was a beautiful beach day followed by a great rainstorm to cool it off.

Three boys and a kite.

Ezra's kite in a beautiful sky

The boys checking out the amazing waves

So Cool

Do we run?

Nothing better then an afternoon of playing in the waves!

Guana Bay, Sint.Maarten  (Dutch Side)  St.Barths is in the background.

Headed out for some solitude

Aaaaah, perfect waves

So perfect

Nothing beats this smile

Who can ride the wave longer?

Mom and Son

Beach treasures

Treasure Hunt

Three Beach Bums chill'n in Sint.Maarten