Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Time with Friends

Our family was very lucky to be paired up with another great family as our sponsor to help us out with our move to the island.  Unfortunately our time with the Tiffee family will be coming to an end.  They will be leaving the island on the 26th and beginning the next stage of medical school - clinicals.  I remember seeing Aaron and Leah for the first time when we came out of the doors at the airport - dragging all 8 of our bags - 4 hours late because our flight had turned around half way to St.Maarten.(All because of Mike - hehe - everyone on the island had heard of our strange flight).  We were instantly comfortable and felt at home.  The next day Leah picked me up and we hit all the grocery stores and happened to pass the airport right when my sisters flight had landed - perfect.  Leah made sure we had everything we needed for the possible hurricane that might come by - well it took a nose dive south and hit us right on.  Welcome to the island.........we have absolutely loved spendig time with Aaron, Leah, Jack Aaron and Arden - getting to know the island and sharing stories.  You could definitely not make up the car stories that we shared -

We have been trying to spend some extra time with them before they take off - it will not be the same without them.

The boys happy to be in the waves again

Dill has said he refuses to go to the beach unless the waves are big.......

Iva keeping her eye on Arden, Dillon and Ro in the water

the dogs and kids kept each other very busy

there is nothing more enjoyable then watching the kids play in the afternoon sun in the ocean

Thank you Leah, Arden and Alexi for spending a beautiful afternoon at the beach with me and the boys. Tiffee family - well, we will miss you more than alot and we appreciate everything you have done to make the island home.  We wish you the best of luck and hopefully we cross paths again in the future.  Keep in touch. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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