Sunday, January 30, 2011

Art Festival

This last week Carith, the boys and our neighbor Alexi and I went to a local art festival.  It was really close to our neighborhood in Porto Cupecoy - plus it was free - so we thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity.  It turned out to be alot of fun.

OK - so here is the story - we arrived at the art festival which was at the marina next to our little grocery store.  When we walked up the boys noticed a red carpet - "we get to walk the red carpet mom" - then there were two "women" handing out the schedule for the evening - well - 1 was a women the other was a drag queen that was probably 6'5" at least.  The boys were a little nervous to walk by at this point.  On the other hand Alexi and I were like we have to get a photo - so we did - as you can see

Once the boys made it past the ladies they had a good time going down the red carpet

Some of the artwork that was on display

It was a great chance to browse at different pieces of art we may want to bring home from our adventure on St.Maarten

there was art of all kinds - there were 2 women with painted bodies that stood on display in white boxes - the painting on their bodies was amazing

The sax player of the Jazz band playing while we were there

The sign down by all the boats at the marina

This was the outline of the jazz band from the back of the tent

the interesting ladies of the evening

Working the red carpet

Nice, you got it

Ro's turn

I think we all had a fun evening - even though there was some extra added flavor that we would not have had at home - which is why you travel and do things in other places.  Thank you Alexi for the photos - it was great to go out and do something local on the island.  It was these experiences that we came here to enjoy.

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