Monday, December 26, 2011

Island Christmas

This would be the first time our family has ever celebrated christmas in a tropical environment and not in the US or Canada.  I was excited to not be around the intense commercialism that spreads like a nasty disease at home and be able to focus on spending time with family.  About a month ago Ronan had mentioned that Christmas was his favorite holiday and proceeded to tell me why ( I of course immediately thought oh because of all the presents of course) - he pleasantly surprised me when he said because I get to see ALL of our family (sadly my sister Hopi, her husband Ed and the girls Sophia and Anna are not here this year).  It made my heart swell when Ronan shared how he felt and hope that the experience we have this year will only add to his thoughts and ideas of what Christmas is about.  I think I foresee having Christmas adventures in the future rather then the traditional ones - an opportunity for more memories of a lifetime.

we had a small tree in our apt. that was just perfect but Oma surprised the boys with a big live tree (they were super excited)

Christmas morning

patiently waiting for everyone to gather

I know it is blurry - but I could not pass up the natural happy smile

enjoying a surf magazine that came in his stocking

we enjoyed a Christmas potluck by the pool at our place with all our neighbors - this photo came out the most normal of the fam - it is a rarity to have all four of us in one - we also had to show off the boys Hawaiian shirts from Oma.

mooom - really??? we have things to do!!!

this would be the boys option of course.  I know my face is hiding under the hat - I had to cover up the salt filled hair from a quick ocean swim before we made all the food.

A thank you to all our family that made the big trip to come and spend the Holidays with us on the island.  It means a lot to us and we have really enjoyed Christmas and all the fun we have had together and will have in the days to come.  We will never forget our magical island Christmas - we love you and thank you!!!!

Pastries, Market, Fort

The family enjoyed a morning in Marigot - visiting the delicious pastry shop Sarafina's, wandering around the Market for last minute Christmas gifts and island treasures, and a short hike up to Fort Louis.  As usual when my sister is around I hand off the camera for a break from behind the lens and to get some photos with a different perspective (not to say I don't snag it back here and there when something catches my eye).

mmmmmm - so good

fresh olive bread

wandering the Market - there is local spices, vanilla and some fruits and vegetables and some fresh fish early in the morning.  You can also find art work, jewelry, clothing and other island goods for fair prices.

Ronan checking out the parrot on this guys shoulder

the boys scoping out the goods

colorful sacks of spices

an old building on the way up to the fort

Dillon enjoying hanging out with his uncles

this spot has always felt magical with the long grasses blowing in the wind.  The boys running around - climbing on rocks.  like they are running wild out in the country.

my mom exploring around the fort

uncles and nephews

the abandoned resort by Nettle Bay with the cliffs of Bai Rouge in the background

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Waves

St.  Maarten shares a special gift with us each year around the holidays.  The Christmas waves - this provides a perfect opportunity for the family to get out and have some fun at Mullet Beach.

stormy skies

Cupecoy point

Miguel and Brandi's plane arriving

Christmas waves at Mullet

the boys braving the waters


oma and brandi intently watching the action

the older boys mixing it up a bit - shoulder rides in huge waves - why not?

papa and the boys

papa enjoying a break with some island rum

carlos going for a ride

nice papa

and that would be carlos

the four boys taking on some Christmas waves

dillon taking a ride

A fitting end to an awesome day on mullet - we are so happy to have the opportunity to share our life here on the island with our family during this special time of year.  PS - Carith - thank you for all the photo contributions