Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cupecoy Sunset

We found some evening time on friday  - now that Mike has "little" bit more time in his schedule - for the moment anyway, to enjoy a sunset at the Cupecoy Cliffs close to our house.  The boys had fun playing in the rocks and watching all the boats and planes go.  They were keeping a close eye out for the dolphins that our friend Leah had seen - maybe next time.

The complete view from our house

The coast looking towards Mullet Bay (the beach at the very end)

The Boys

It is a busy time of year - we got 3 boats, a plane and a fisherman in this shot

no words needed

Looking down the coast towards the french side

Dillon eating the cruise ship - haha - he came up with that one

A fitting end to another beautiful day on the island


  1. You have some amazing shots Chey, say hi to the boys,

  2. Wonderful pictures Cheyenne, always enjoy looking at the pictures and reading your blog. Love Oma and Papa