Thursday, January 6, 2011

Island Days Again

Finally a post of what this blog is all about - we took a little break and spent some time back home in the states and now we are back on the island.  Mike is starting his second semester of med school, the boys will have a tutor a couple days a week and I start online classes on the 18th.  We will all be busy "learning" but will definitely make time for fun.  The boys will start surf club shortly - going 2 days a week (this will allow me some time on my SUP) and we will add some other beach adventures in here and there.

With Mikes last day of break before classes we decided to head to one our favorite beaches - Plum Bay - it is quiter and close by.  We also headed to Marigot to pick up the boys new surf boards and had to add in a little bit of a grocery run on the way home - we somehow had avoided to going to the grocery store the first couple of days.  We all got an unplanned suprise of some amazing crepes that they are now making at a bakery we go to regularly. The boys literally inhaled their chocolate crepes with big smiles on their faces.

On our return the island has a feeling of being home - for now anyway - the weather is perfect - the gardens around our complex have grown back and filled in since the hurricane and look beautiful.  It is high season and there is more traffic and noise and there are many, many big boats to watch.  We see the huge cruise ships sailing by morning and night (they are lit up like party boats).  Sadly the property behind us has changed - it was an overgrown yard with an old house - there were wild chickens with their babies living there - well, now they have torn the house down and are planning to build a shopping center - unfortunately this means alot of noise.  Although the convenience of the new shops would be great - the reality is it will bring traffic, noise and bright lights - because of "island time" this shopping center will most likely not be finished until after we leave the island.  So we will live with the noise for now - which seems to come in spurts - due of course to island time.

The boys testing the water that is chillier then when we left

The fish eye gives a better perspective on how big plum bay is

Dillon was not impressed with the size of the waves

One of the yachts we saw pass by out in the bay

Ronan excitedly describing the waves smashing into him

Dillon sharing just how chilly it was.......

Possibly a sea grape we found on the beach

more beach treasures

A piece of coral

I think these two could have stayed in the water all day

We are all happy to be back home and at the beach, we really appreciate the time we are able to spend here.  Hopefully some of our friends and family will be visiting us here.

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