Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Remember Doing This.......

A few days ago the boys Grammy decided to get a load of wood for the wood stove they have.  So, we were hanging out and a nice size trailer load of split wood was delivered.  The boys came out and started chucking wood.  Once the wood was unloaded the wheelbarrows came out and Dill and Ro started running loads of wood to the back porch to be stacked.  They were really excited to be helping Grammy get ready for the winter - this also means they would be able to help her light a fire later.  That is always a fun thing to do.

This will keep them busy for awhile

Uh oh a splinter - hazards of the job


The boys got really good at maneuvering loads of wood

Ronan really tried to avoid a photo - but I got him, and a good one

It was alot of fun seeing the boys stacking the wood - they had a ball the whole time.  They were really hard workers and did a great job.  It brought back memories of when I was little and had to stack wood for the winter.  I am really glad Dillon and Ronan had a chance to at least experience this a little bit.

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