Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plum Bay

A couple of days ago we headed over to Plum Bay - we love this beach as it is only a couple of minutes from our house and when it is "busy" it is still not busy.  There are usually some good size waves for the boys to play in and we have seen some surfers off the point.  We brought our neighbor Alexi along this time.  Well, well - we arrived and the water was flat - Dillon was absolutely completely disappointed and basically pissed.  He has not quite wanted to embrace the concept that we do not have control over the ocean or that any of the beaches on the island are consistent.  After a few minutes he concocted a plan - well if there are not any waves here on the beach I will paddle to them. HMMMMM - yeah you will see in the pics that the wave off the point is a weeee little bit out there - although both boys are completely capable - did I think it would be alot of fun?  The boys had their boogie boards and I had, well, me - no board.  I agreed (I knew there was no wave breaking out there today either) just so Dillon could have the experience.  I was looking forward to swimming around the rocky edge to see what creatures we could find in the decently clear water - there has not been any good clarity or snorkeling lately.  So enjoy the photos of what ended up being another fun beach adventure - we think we found a hole that had a small octopus in it - we have no photos of that but it probably would have been great to have a photo of all our butts in the air like ducks in a pond trying to see the hole.

This boat was passing the bay out near where we paddled to - ya - it was far and I was constantly wondering what was under my feet.  There was also a current that was pulling towards the middle of the bay - we had to make sure we stayed close to the shoreline.

This picture gives you a little more perspective of distance from the beach - we were a little to the right - in between the boat and the shore at the beginning of the dark blue out there.  The boys did a great job swimming/paddling.  They actually raced in - they have gotten very strong in the ocean while here.

Ronan and Carith playing in the calm waters

one of cariths favorite activities - floating in the ocean

Dill hung out on the beach with me long enough for some nice photos

A fun photo - these two could stay in the water alllllllll day

Playing with the fun fish-eye macro

These cool little guys were hanging out on the rocks

This cool slimy stuff was hanging over the water

two wild boys

A dead crab we found

A live crab the boys found

Another fun photo with the fish eye - thanks carith

so many things to find and see

an extreme but fun way to use the fish eye

another great one - thanks again carith

alexi joined us on our little walk down the rocks

I think I can say that we all had fun at the beach, regardless of the size of the waves.  Thanks everyone for the fun times.

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