Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Good Bye

Before the boys and I headed to Sauble Beach with my parents we had a few last days at the cottage on Otter Lake.  We had fun shopping in Huntsville  - especially the wool store and toy store.  Those two kept us all happy.  We watched lots of movies and spent time knitting.  On our last day I took the boys for a paddle around the lake in the canoe - it actually got a little sketchy when we realized some blustery weather was blowing in and we were at the other end and had to paddle against the wind to get home.  It was very much worth it and was a fun last little adventure on the lake.  I snagged some last photos - many, many of the boys of course.  They don't usually let me capture them so I took advantage.

never to much fishing or fish

I think he saved the biggest for last

now we have to get it back in the water hmmm?

their two personalities - oh so different

a fitting end to a beautiful day and time

as I look at the photos of the boys I realized how much they grown and changed - it happens all so fast

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Never say Never

I have enjoyed running since I was young - not because I needed to exercise but I just enjoyed running.  It began in sixth grade as a way to get away and blow off some steam (we lived in a small town in Northern New Mexico) from the rough days at school (that is a whole other story for another time).  As I got older it ended being a great way to keep in shape and enjoy being outside.  Several times I have found myself living in environments that were not encouraging to running outside (hot dessert heat, 9,200 feet elevation with all hills) and found the same moving here - another challenging environment.  In having to be creative with my workout and me time (with a hubby in med school and homeschooling 2 children there is no such thing) I worked out a schedule with my friend/neighbor at the time and we ran m/w/f in the gym on the treadmill (ick yuck - not even close to what I love about running) BUT it allowed me to get out and get some exercise and have some good chats - I really do miss her (Alexi - I am talking about you haha).  Ok - this is getting much longer than it needed to be - simply - THANK YOU to Cecily (my new neighbor living in Alexi's old apt) for giving me the opportunity to get outside and run again........It was everything I miss and have enjoyed before.  The quiet early morning - peacefulness - time to let thoughts flow through your head - watching the sunrise - saying hello to the workers coming to work - getting my body moving - ALL OF IT.  I am stuck using my itouch at the moment for music and realized I had a camera and snapped some photos of the morning.

the rising sun (I know - really bad pic - but it captures the moment),  running in the dark, Cecily speeding by leaving me in a nice breeze while I listened to No Worries by Bob Marley - yes I was giggling to myself at this point (hope no one was watching).

love the watch for children signs on the French side

Cecily - breezing in after LOTS of miles

a large bird that decided to hang out while I was stretching - at one point he turned and looked at me with a questioning look of hmmm I wonder if she is a threat haha

Thank You again for a great morning run and I look forward to more  - just like I sucked it up and ran in the mountains I think I can pull off some here  - so Never say Never -  there is nothing like sneaking out of the house early in the dark AM and leaving sleeping babes lie.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Until Next Time

The boys and I made one last visit to the farm with Oma and Papa - we spent some time wandering around the property.  Soaking it all in........

the last few days the fields turned completely golden - the feeling of fall was in the air

loves catching critters

sweet boys


I see a glimpse of his baby face when I look at this

we spotted a wood pecker on the fence post 

observing the wood peckers marks

a parking spot for the old tractor (and the new one that my parents were giddy like kids about)

the new bird house

Miss Priss - who loves to be outside

we cherished our time at the farm - the chance for the boys to run free, explore, catch critters (and store them in the cooler) and create wonderful memories - thank you Oma and Papa for this special time


When we woke up the day after we took everyone to the airport the weather matched our mood perfectly.  It was very quiet with just the 5 of us left.

the boys declared they would not swim with the girls gone

this photo and the one below remind me of the drawings we did in school (as kids) where we would draw our side profile from our shadow...


the boys and I had two more weeks to spend with Oma and Papa - a good opportunity for them to get some one on one time (and a fun trip to Sauble Beach)