Thursday, January 20, 2011

Afternoon Play Time

My sister Carith arrived on Tuesday evening - the boys and I have anxiously been awaiting her arrival.  Fortunately this time she will be able to spend a few weeks - last time she was only on the island enough time to enjoy the hurricane.  We headed down to Mullet (the beach that is a couple of blocks from our house) for an afternoon in the waves.

Dillon paddling hard - the boys added fins to help them catch the waves when on their boogy boards - they have learned you have to paddle alot harder on a boogy board than a surf board

Two boys who absolutely love the water

Scoping out the waves with auntie carith

Carith and Ro linning up to catch a wave

A bird that was doing fly by's looking for dinner

One of the many sailboats enjoying the sunset

A little dude hanging out by our stuff

We had a really fun day in the waves and are looking forward to many more

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  1. Great picture, when I look at the lake here there is no water only snow.