Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A little before Christmas (the 15th) Mike arrived in Denver and we finally had a chance to spend some family time together without the school books waiting in the corner.  We headed to New Mexico a couple of days before Christmas.  We had fun times doing all the Christmas activities, decorating the tree and the gingerbread house, making yummy food and of course staying up late wrapping gifts.  The boys had fun visiting all the kittys and dogs.  Carlos's dog Bo, Miguels dog Rodan, Nicoles dog Blue, Golden and Lucky who would be moving up to Canada with my parents and of course the random little Beagle that showed up in the yard who Ronan fell in love with.

The beautiful live Pinon tree that will be planted in the yard after Christmas

One of the crazy peacocks that tend to gather in my parents yard - this one caught our attention when she was squaking like crazy right out the front door

One of the many kittys - Leo - he loved to roll in Ro's hair and play in the empty boxes

The boys putting the finishing touches on the gingerbread house

some silly boys on Christmas eve

Ronan and Blue (in her Christmas tutu) doing tricks

Nicole and Carlos being silly

McGlue family Christmas Eve 2010

Oma and Papa

Part of the Kamermans clan ready for some Christmas Eve fun

Dillon Christmas morning with his new alpaca teddy bear

Ronan Christmas morning - where do I begin?

Hmmm, only gifts an Uncle could give - bamboo samurai swords  - and no those did not go back to the island - they are waiting for the boys in storage

The boys had a great Christmas and were definitely spoiled.  The quote of Christmas morning belongs to Ronan - they received paintings done by their Uncle Miguel of the surf boards they would receive when they got back to St.Maarten - Ronan's response was a surf board is nice but I really want a generator - only when you have lived on an island that has regular power outages do you realize the importance of a generator.  Thank you to everyone for a wonderful and relaxing Christmas - it would be great to see everyone on the island next year for the holidays.  Merry Christmas 2010 

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  1. love the pic of ronan and blue, your family kamerman's black and white shot, and the one of dill with his new teddy. : )