Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It Is About Time

Since Cecily and Matt moved to the island we have been trying to take them to Guana Bay for the Boogie Boarding insanity that takes place there.  Due to crazy school schedules, Cecilies running trips back to the US and well just life we never made it last semester.  It was a must before the schedule and semester got too crazy.  We also needed to share this beach with the Crookstons - as we thought it would be a great way to introduce them to how much fun the ocean really can be.

As you know it is a favorite, never busy, really fun waves, you feel like you are out in the wilderness - well lets just say this beach has never failed to live up to its name.  I am pretty sure a good time was had by all.  I know as usual it brought out the giggles in me and I have found a soul mate in sharing laughter on the waves.  Cecily and I both revert back to being 13 year old girls the minute you give us boogie boards and some waves.  It is almost causing me to giggle as I write this on the blog.  As Dillon said to Matt "Why do they think this is so funny?" and Matt's reply "Because they are girls".  Well - it may be so - but for whatever the reason it is totally awesome and you will see the evidence - ENJOY

straight to the water and the waves

the action began immediately

look at that giggle face

yep that is matts face under the wave

wow - I made it

as I watched and took photos I realized at times all I saw were a bunch of little heads

really there is nothing better

the whole crew

I think Tanner was the only one who realized what was coming

take note of the small body and feet sticking in the air on the left

here is that spot super cropped - yep that would be matt - almost completely upside down

that was a ride - don't ask - we have no idea how he made it 

pretty much getting destroyed

yep - time for the embarrassing photo you hide away for years - but it is being posted all in the name of fun.  no words to describe it - possibly Cecily giggling in the back will help.

can you say beached?  not sure if it was the lack of O2 from the waves or the giggling

yep - that would be my head under the wave

always back for more

yep - this one is for all the giggles
thank you matt for showing that I was actually part of this insanity
thank you to everyone for the super duper fun day - I hope you all had as much fun as I did

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just a Few Things

Once again we headed to Plum - BUT this time it was extra cool.  We have been working on getting Cecily out on the water via some activity - surfing, body boarding - ANYTHING.  I mean she is a California girl after all and loves fun activities so why not?  While we were at Plum for another surf session a fellow surfer from the island offered Cecily the chance to try out his body board.  I did not even give her a chance to say NO.  She was going regardless of her thoughts on the idea.  We gave her no time to protest - 5 minutes and she was paddling out with Dill.  Haha - love it when things happen this way.  She obviously had a blast and was super hooked.  Mission accomplished - there will be no keeping Cecily out of the water now.
The second thing - Cecily wanted to give taking photos a shot with my camera. It is just a tad different then a point and shoot - but really simple and so much fun.  I was going to head out with Dill but Ro required my attention at the time so we hung out with Cecily on the point while she took pics.  She did an awesome job!!! and well I think she is hooked on this hobby now too.  Watch out Matt - I think things are about to get EXPENSIVE - haha.
I was happy I was able to capture a picture of Cecilies moment of falling in love (with body boarding and the ocean) although the photo is far away it is a fun reminder of our awesome day.  The later photos in the post are some of Cecilies that I played around with in editing.

Dill was happy to get out and play on some smaller waves again

Cecily and Dill

Cecily catching a nice one

some wave action was picking up

there is something about this photo I love (thanks Cecily) - not sure exactly what but the lighting is really cool, the spray of the waves, the action of dillon paddling hard and of joel going out.  It represents what it is like to be out on the water. It is not perfect in regards to focus, color, lighting but that is not always what is important.  I did play with the photo a little in editing but only to enhance what was already there or to make it even closer to realistic of what we saw while out there.  You will see in photography you have to adjust the coloring at times as cameras do not always capture it just right - but then again we have a human eye and well - a camera is a camera.

where did the wave go??

Dills surf buddy Joel

Here is to a beautiful afternoon, in a beautiful place and learning new things with awesome friends.

Thanks for the fun times Cecily

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Family

Haha  - No, I am not giving my children away to another family.  I love them way to much.  Like I have done in the past when I am behind on blog posts because of family vacations I am jumping back into present time (well closer anyway) with a few posts so I don't get so far behind with present day activities.

Just like previous semesters I sponsored another family (through the Spouses Organization at the University) that was moving to the island.  I have really enjoyed this role as it allows me the opportunity to present the island in a positive perspective and share all the joy that my family has experienced with another soon to be island family.  The Crookstons arrived over the holiday break and were excited and ready for a new adventure.  Carina (mom) would be attending AUC School of Medicine and Casey (dad) with some assistance from Michelle (aunt) would be in charge of the 3 kiddos (the household, homeschool teacher, supporting spouse and everything else the spouse of a med student takes on) - Andi (oldest), Tanner (middle) and Piper (the youngest).  We finally had the opportunity to take them on a little beach adventure once family had left and the semester got under way.


the crazy ro-dog

the family at plum bay

the dillster

X and O's on ro's belly

Casey and Piper

Ro in the cool beach fort they constructed


and the lovely Piper

awesome Michelle

skim board time

Welcome to the Island Crookstons - we wish you the most awesome and fun adventure while here.  We truly hope you enjoy your time here as much as we have.  Our family is very happy to have another gaggle of kiddos to hang out with.
PS - some photos are courtesy of Casey - we both took a bunch - haha
PPS - Carina was unable to join us due to school of course but Cecily did - unfortunately she was just a speck in one of the posted photos (???? how did that happen????)