Sunday, May 20, 2012

King Kong Island (Saba part 2)

After a late lunch and some walking around town it was an early bed time in preparation for the big hike on day 2.


many many stairs

the guys had charged up the mountain - apparently shoes were unnecessary on the feet but worked great for leaving Carith and I a message

we followed the direction of the arrow - looked across the ravine and saw this

hobbit feet - the best way to hike up a mountain in a rain forest

stuck in a tree

so proud of these crazy kids - that was definitely a challenging hike

Thank you to Carlos and Carith for joining us on our favorite trip while living in the Caribbean.  The boys  will never forget the adventure.  Saba is a beautiful island and a perfect getaway!!!!!!!

Boys being Boys

The sun was out, the temps were good - time to go climbing.

I have dreamed of the day I watched my two boys solve bouldering problems together

Dillon cheering on his brother from the top


reflecting on his new project

Dillon settling back into his climbing groove

have to be creative when this one is camera shy

A successful day even for the little guy enjoying Ro's granola bar

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Other One

My two boys have always been close but after moving to the island they have become attached.  They do everything together. The youngest even sobs when he does not accompany the older one on a play date.  The other responds with wanting to decline the play date because he just cannot leave his brother alone. So it only seemed fit that after a post for the birthday boy the next post had to be the other half.  Besides how many birthday boys spend part of their prized Lego gift cards on their younger brother.  So I know the oldest would only agree that what is done for one must be done for the other.

Ro began creating this contraption earlier in the week in the house - we weren't too sure it would really become anything - we should have known better

what?  I am not up to anything

yep - this is how his mind works

the happiest boy on the block

it is these two awesome boys that aren't twins or even Irish twins but are closer then either that make this mothers day the best!!!!!!!

PS - thank you island for another gift - a bond between two brothers like no other

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Mothers Day Baby

I remember the day, rather night that he was born clear as a winters night sky.  There was a thunderstorm and you could see lightening strikes out the window.  He surprised us all with a head full of auburn hair.  He made the nurse happy and arrived 10 minutes before her shift ended.  I was happy to hold my baby and finally enjoy some chocolate (pregnancy heart burn had prevented me from enjoying any the last 9 months).  That immense joy and love that I felt that night has continued to grow everyday.  We are so proud of our boy - it is amazing to see him grow and change over these last 12 years.

I love to watch you enjoy life in every way possible, to be kind and loving to your brother, be brave and strong, sensitive and sweet.
It has been a joy sharing all these wonderful life experiences with you!!!!
We love you more then words can say!!!!
Here is to turning 12 on May 12, 2012
Happy Birthday to our little man