Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Surf Boards

Well - the boys have anxiously been waiting to get out their really cool christmas gifts, surf boards.  Although the waves were not good - they at least were able to paddle around on their boards and get used to them.  In March the conditions should get good and they can start surf club at Le Galion beach.  It is taking awhile to get going but once we do it will be worth it.

they were very excited to wax their own boards for the first time

a happy boy - he is growing up so much

sweet face

Paddling in Mullet

paddling across Mullet with Carith swimming behind - they were really hoping to find a wave - I was just happy to see them playing on their boards and getting used to them

they wanted to catch a wave soooo badly - patience boys it will happen

the boys had a good time playing on their boards and are anxiously waiting for some good waves

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