Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our day on a Cat !!!!!!

While Carlos and Nicole were visiting we wanted to do something really fun.  We thought it would be interesting to visit one of the other islands - we had to decide which one (there are a few day trips - Saba, Anguilla and St.Barths) and what we would do there.  We finally settled on doing a Catamaran trip that stops at Tentamarre (an island that no one lives on - many people take a boat to the island and camp there) and then continues on to Anguilla.  We were all super excited for a full day of fun and we even convinced dad to join us.  After all he still had a few weeks until the next Block exams.  I think Carlos and Nicole were really looking forward to the open bar on the boat!! (Not sure if that is always a good idea).

Boarding the Cat for a day of FUN

An island that is supposed to have good snorkeling

The smooth ride before we hit open water

The boys getting ready for a fun ride

Nicole and Ronan enjoying a smooth ride

Here is where the ride got a little hairy - we hit open water, Mike held on and made sure not to lose his coffee.  It was nice to sit up front by ourselves and enjoy the exciting ride.

Sadly this picture came out blurry, for many reasons I am sure (I was sliding all over the deck and the wind was really strong and water was spraying all over the camera) the boys had to hang on and scoot/slide around so they would not go flying off the deck.  They had a blast.  When we reached Tentamarre we had salt coating our faces from the water spray.

Our "ride" for the day

St.Maarten island from Tentamarre

The outline of St.Maarten island from under the boat

The beach on Tentamarre

The captain informed us that this was the first day that they were able to use the sails and actually sail in months.  The clouds and sails were amazing to watch while laying on the deck.  I repeatedly heard from Ronan all day "I am sailing", "I am a sailor", "Dr.Marvin look I am sailing"

On our way from Tentamarre to Anguilla it was raining over St.Maarten

That would be Carlos, Anguilla is in the background

They must be twins that are 14 years apart

Some nice time away from the books

The boys really enjoyed some fun time with Dad - a rarity with him studying all the time.  We really appreciate that he chose to spend the day with us.

Daddy time

It's all about the hair

Carlos and Nicole enjoying drinks under the palm tree on the beach on the island of Anguilla

There were little sail boats zipping around in Rendezous Bay when we stopped for lunch

My sweet boys enjoying the late afternoon sail home

Nap time

Floating by the Anguilla coast in the afternoon sun

The boys loved playing in the water all afternoon

The action shot of the day goes to Nicole - nice dive.  The best part of the day for the boys was diving off the boat.  There will be some great video posted of it when I do a blog post with all the videos I need to post.  Unfortunately I have not had time to do those - hopefully before we head home at the end of the week.

And yes, that is Carlos in the red shorts (can you really call them that).  He really could not resist and wanted so badly to fit in with the rest of the french men.  Nicole, thank you so much for the special purchase that provide the best entertainment of the day.

Thanks Carlos for a picture of our crazy family.  We had the best time on our Cat trip.  Nicole and Carlos we hope you come and visit us again, we really enjoyed having you here.


  1. Once again a enjoyable glimpse of your life in St Maarten. Dillon how fast did the boat go? Ronan how long was the trip to the island? See soon. Love Oma

  2. Hey guys, love the pics. See you soon (I have a gift for you!)