Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Lights

Last night we went to the botanical gardens to see all the christmas lights.  Even though it was in the 30's the kids ran around the whole time and kept warm.  It was a fun activity for the cousins to do together before they part ways tommorow morning.  Which I am sure will be a sad time.

Penguins Playing

The kids all bundled up


They had beautiful peacocks

The kids had fun picking a beam of light to put their face in

Some pretty doors leading to more light displays

Yes, that dark figure is me in this gret photo carith took

Yucca plant

They had geese flying over the pond

Ronan in the pink tree

Colorful parrots

The hummingbirds were my favorite

Soldiers marching on top of the castle

All the glass bears skating on ice

The christmas lights were beautiful to see and put everyone in the holiday spirit.  Hope everyone enjoys.

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  1. oooh pretty! ezra keeps saying, "another one! another one!" i love ronan's rosy cheeks.