Monday, November 8, 2010


Hmmmmm, that is how I feel and what I am thinking.  I am in Denver at Grammy and Boompa's (Mike's parents) house and the clock says 5AM.  My mind is kinda thinking it is 8AM - the time I should be seeing on the clock in St.Maarten.  We arrived at DIA around 10pm this time - which is 1AM on the island.  Our flights were good - the first one was bumpy as we skirted past remenants of Hurricane Tomas and we were late arriving in Charlotte - we ran through immigration and customs and back through security to make it to our connection - the boys made super efforts, they new if we missed our flight we would not see Grammy and Boompa before they left for Mexico.  They were fighting a few tears at the prospect, but we made it just in time to board.  We are looking at a full day of running around in preparation of Oma and Papa picking us up to go to Hopi's wedding. Haircuts, dress shirts, warm clothes from the storage unit......LOTS TO DO.  I do have to say the cool air feels was a perfect 52 degrees when we arrived in Denver.  I would have pics to post from the airport (the boys watched the big KLM plane take off) but I don't really feel up to tiptoeing to the truck in my shorts this early to get my camera.......there will be plenty coming with all our upcoming activities.  So while everyone is sleeping I will try do some school work - if my brain is clear enough.

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  1. That is exactly how I feel Chey! Say hi to the boys and tell them it is gorgeous here, warm and clear skys. We saw a bunch of Turkey Vultures already and the water is a perfect blue. We have already been to From Scratch and it was good, as always. Can't wait till you get here,