Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wedding Weekend....Plus Some

As many of you know my sister Hopi got married in November at Holly Farm in Carmel Valley, California.  The family, plus some spent a long weekend at the farm together to celebrate the wedding of Ed and Hopi.  The property was perfect - there were a total of 6 acres, a Hacienda with a big kitchen and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, the Casita for the Newlyweds and the Banana Cabana that was a great Bachelor hang out (I personally could add another bedroom to this one and live in it forever - and sadly I have no pics of it).  There was a Barn that was perfect for the reception/dancing, a fun field for soccer and other sports.  The biggest hit of all seemed to be the Bocce court and the ping pong tables.  Scattered throughout the property were little sitting areas where you could always hide and steal a quiet moment - although this never seemed to happen.  I was able to capture some special spots and moments while there, unfortunately I have NO photos of the wedding day - just not possible with all the craziness.  We will all have to wait to see the photos that Dave and his Wife Peggy took - I am sure they will be great.

Carith and Laurie's sleeping spots the night of the wedding - perfect to crash into

The beautiful oak tree that Ed and Hopi stood under to exchange very special and touching vows.  I know I was not the only one shedding tears for the entire ceremony.  It was a touching moment in time

The bouquets of flowers Hopi picked out to hang above the ceremony

Where the vows were exchanged

An interesting carving hidden on the property

The hanging flower jars along the paths

One of the many old surf boards on the property

A seating area near the dance floor

Breakfast time at the Hacienda

Breakfast preparations - Tim always made sure to arrive with beer in hand (that him on the right)

One of the many amazing plants on the farm

The zebra watching over the sporting events

Steve could not resist doing a happy jig after beating the KIDS at Bocce Ball

Little Eddy was the number 1 guest of the weekend

Sophia and Little Eddy watching a game of Bocce

Special moment

A game of keep away

A fierce game of ping pong

A big thank you to Ed and Hopi for bringing everyone together.  Two families have joined and we all have developed friendships.  Hopi has become a grandmother - hehe, Dillon and Ronan have gained cousins, Anna and Sophia have gained brothers and sisters, I have become an aunt to some my age (I think), my parents have become great grandparents.  Regardless of our titles we have all gained more family to spend time with and develop friendships.  It was a very fun filled time and we all came away richer in family - Hopi and Ed - we wish you the very best and happy lifetime together.  There is no doubt that your relationship will continue to grow and you will share many memories in the years to come. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

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