Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Busy Day !!!

Unfortunately when Uncle Carlos came to visit Dillon and I got a cold.  After a day of rest we were ready to explore the island with Carlos and his girlfriend Nicole.  We thought we would go to some places that we had not been to yet.  The plan was to go to Marigot and hike up to Fort Louis.  Possibly stop at Sarafina's a famous Pastry shop, then make our way to Friar's Bay - a beach we have not been to.  When we were at Friar's Bay we could do a short hike over to Happy Bay.  There was supposed to be good snorkeling so we made sure to bring our gear.  It was a great day and we managed to go to all the places we planned on.  Although the water was to murky at Happy Bay for good snorkeling we all had fun playing in the water.  We made it back home in time for dinner and early bedtime - we were going on a Catamaran island hopping trip the next morning.  Enjoy the photos courtesy of Carlos - I forgot my camera on this day.

We just had to include this photo from our snorkeling day - if you know Carlos - well - this is Carlos.

An Iguana Carlos spotted in a cemetary

The boys checking out the cannon at Fort Louis and Marigot in the background

The breeze felt amazing!!

Having fun

Boys on a bench

A perfect view

The storage room for all the weapons

The whole crew

An old cemetary on the way down from Fort Louis

Happy Bay

Happy Bay is a very nice quiet little beach.

The short hike back to Friar's Bay

The coast between Happy Bay and Friar's - that is Friar's Bay beach in the background

The chicken that sat by us when we at the Friar's Bay Cafe - I nice little place on the beach. The chicken kept clucking at a rooster sitting on the other side of the Cafe - this was great amusement for the boys. They have a menu full of seafood specialties.

Balance is very important - the drinks were nice and strong

Cheeseburgers are the best at the end of a long day on the island

I would call the day a great success - thank you Carlos and Nicole for sharing the adventure with us


  1. Great pictures, I have not got the hang of writing under each picture, you will have to show me how.
    I can hardly wait to come there for a visit. Rob was wondering how long is the flight from Miami?

  2. looks like a very fun day! dillon looks so much like you in the pics on fort louis...