Sunday, November 21, 2010

Even off the island we go to the beach.........

We were lucky and able to steal some beach time while we were in California for the wedding.  The kids had a blast - and even tried out the freezing cold ocean.

Not warm like the water on the island

Sophia intensely working on her sandcastle

Ronan patiently waited with a cracker on his back for the sea gull to land

Dill chill'n on the beach

Dillon and Anna catching up and having fun

Beer, beach and family

Ronan running with the Gulls

Sophia giving the camera the eye

Dillon slack lining on a long piece of kelp

Carith thank you for taking great photos - hope you are enjoying Mexico

1 comment:

  1. these were great shots! did the seagull get the cracker of ronan's back? i love that he did that. he's so silly. i love seeing all the family resemblances. i envy the blessed family time you are having right now.... looks like you are enjoying it very much! miss you!