Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Mexico Skies

The boys and I have been in Albuquerque for a few days with Anna, Sophia, Oma, Carith and Miguel - spending time at the zoo, botanical gardens and the aquarium.  This day started out beautiful, but shortly after we arrived in the foothills of the Sandia Moutains to do some Bouldering the dark clouds and blustery wind arrived.  It was still good for the kids to get out and scramble around on the rocks while Miguel and I got a little climbing in.

Making our way to the U-Mound boulder area with the ominous clouds building over the Sandia's

Ronan charging ahead

Anna and Sophia among the boulders - a perfect play area for kids

Dillon lounging

Sophia loved running under Dillon's legs

All smiles

Sophia really liked running through the maze of boulders

Anna coming up through the brush

Dillon, Anna and Ronan enjoying the view of Albuquerque and the West Mesa in the distance

Kids scrambling with crazy New Mexico skies in the background

Miguel working a problem - not sure of the name

The constantly changing sky was amazing to watch

Sophia was happy to add my vest as an extra layer

I think, I think  I can lift it

U -Mound bouldering area - Foothills of the Sandia Mountains

Another great shot of the kiddos and New Mexico sky

A section of the Sandia's highlighted by the afternoon sun with the growing clouds

As you can see in the photos the sky in New Mexico is amazing to watch.  It is constantly changing throughout the day.  It was a fun time to see the kids running wild and free exploring the boulders.
Miguel - thanks for some of the photos.

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  1. "how about i go to that tomorrow," said ezra when i showed him the pictures of dillon and ronan and their cute cousins. you couldn't be in a more different world with all that wide open space in your horizon. it is nice for you all to get this break from the island while spending great time with your family. you'll be back just in time for high season. the weather here is amazing. alexi and i went for a walk to maho and back today at 4:00 and i hardly even broke a sweat. you can go to the beach any time of day and it's perfect! looking forward to your return already... : ) i miss our daily skypes and weekly beach adventures.