Friday, November 5, 2010


Even though we are in the Caribbean there is still a feeling of fall.  Maybe it is just ingrained in us because our minds and bodies have always gone through the season of fall. But I really truly believe the feeling is in the air.  It is blustery with the tradewinds, regular rain showers and dark clouds over the ocean.  Weather that makes you want to get cozy inside and make yummy food.  One of my favorites that I remember from my childhood is baked apples.  They are really easy to make, fun for the kids and they make the house smell delicious...........PERFECT for fall.

Our green apples (you can choose any variety of apples)

I cored the apples (much easier with a corer) and the rest of the ingredients ready for the boys to use.  All you need is butter and brown sugar (all I could find was light brown here), you can also sprinkle cinnamon on top - our boys aren't fans of cinnamon yet so we skipped it.

The boys filling the apples with brown sugar and butter

Our apples ready for the oven - we put them in at 375 and kept checking them - when they were tender we took them out.

Our baked apples fresh out of the oven.  The boys loved them and the house smelled wonderful - perfect after a fall day. ENJOY

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