Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cold, no - FREEZING !!!!!!

As you know we are back in the states, visiting Colorado and New Mexico.  After the wedding we were anxious to get out climbing again.  This was a big part of our lives before we moved to the island.  What we were hoping was to be a 50 degree day with sunshine (usually perfect conditions) spent bouldering in Eldorado Canyon ended up being a freezing and blustery day (I think in the 30's).  Thankfully the sun was shining  - but it still did not take the edge off.  We were doing jumping jacks and running around to warm our digits up - my shoes were under my down jacket in my arm pits in an attempt to warm them- cold, stiff rubber climbing shoes are not the most pleasant thought.  Dillon refused to even put his shoes on - he was going to attempt to climb in his Samba's.  We kept asking ourselves and "why are we thinking of putting our already cold hands on the even colder rock?"  We tried to make the best of the day - on the positive side - we had a fun adventure in the Colorado foothills with our climbing friends - it started to feel like the old days again - something the boys and I have been missing since we moved to the island.

The boys plotting some kind of adventure I am sure

You could see some of the jagged peeks on the side of the canyon through the trees and the fog that was sitting over the area all day

Dillon climbing in his Samba's - it did not last long - I think Dillon has adjusted to the island weather more then he knows.  For those not fimilar with climbing, we mostly boulder - a type of rock climbing without ropes (it is not that bad), we only go about 15-20ft high on large boulders and we place crash pads on the ground to protect from any falls.

Our friend Addie keeping warm while eating lunch in the sunshine

Love that smile

Turtling - jumping on someones crashpad while they are walking - the result - they are on the ground looking like a turtle stuck on their back - Dillon has discovered this is kinda hard to do when you don't weigh the same or more than the victim.

some perspective - Dillon's coach, Lucas topping out on a boulder while Alex spots him.  We are on one side of the canyon and in the background are some cliff faces on the otherside in the sun.

Bouldering is all about the grip strength (not completely, but alot of it) - can you tell he is hanging on to nothing!!!

See, he has shoes on - although he did not want to in the am - by the end of the day he said "mom, I have socks and shoes on and my feet are STILL cold" hard to believe they have only been away from the mountains 2.5 months

Warmth in numbers

Cold rosy cheeks

Addie, Dill and Ro at the top of the scree field above our bouldering spot

So happy to be back - even in the cold

The cliff faces where we watched some roped climbers going up the faces - they were only little dots on the rock.

All in all it was a cold yet very fun day.  Thank you to our friends for coming out and playing - we are looking forward to as many of these days as we can get in before we head back to the island. 

As I make this post it is Thanksgiving  - I am in Albuquerque and there was snow on the ground when we woke up this morning.  Dillon, Ronan, Sophia, Anna and I will pick Carith up this afternoon at the airport and we will have a thanksgiving feast of our own.  I wish all our friends and family in the states and on the island a Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy your time with your families.

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