Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Your Birthday !!!!!

A few days ago it was Ronan's 8th birthday - I really wanted to post this then but unfortunately the place we were staying had worse internet then St.Maarten - crazy I know in the United States.  The lucky boy celebrated his special day in Carmel, California and it included a shopping trip to the amazing toy store they have.  Although Ronan really missed sharing his day with Daddy (who is back on the island preparing for exams) he had his brother, cousins Anna and Sophia and Oma and Papa to keep him busy.  He also shares his birthday with our friend Alejandro who lives in Santa Cruz - he shared a special surf session with him the day before.  It is really hard to believe our little Ronan (our little seal) is 8 years old - growing up so fast.  I remember very clearly the day he was born - he came 10 days early which worked out perfectly so he could enjoy thanksgiving with the whole family while sleeping in his moses basket on the table.  A very peaceful and happy baby who loved to cuddle and still does today.  Enjoy the pics of our cuddle bug.

Waiting to see his morning birthday suprise in Oma and Papa's cabin (and no he is still not wearing shoes off the island)

Opening gifts with cousin Sophia

Heading out for his surf session with Alejandro, his wife Kelsey and Dillon

Warming up in the sunshine

Showing his independence Ro chose to head back out solo

An amzing thing to see your 8 year old paddle out to the line up all on his own, the confidence and strength is beautiful

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONAN, we love you mom,dad and Dillon XOXOXO


  1. happy birthday ronan! cool pictures of you in your warm clothes and out surfing in the cold pacific! what did you get from oma and opa for your birthday?

  2. the lucky boy got sketch pencils and paper, drawing books and some other neat gadgets.