Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween !!

Well, we celebrated our first holiday on the island last weekend. HALLOWEEN.  The boys were lucky with their uncle Carlos's visit he was able to bring costumes I ordered for them at home.  The boys were really excited to get a bunch of candy.  We went to a Halloween party at the University that is for all the kids of the students........the boys had a great time.  Unfortunately they were disappointed with the Trick-or-Treat situation.  They do a Trunk or Treat in the parking lot where all the kids go car to car to get candy.  The boys got plenty of candy in my opinion but they really missed old fashioned Trick-or-Treating in Grammy and Boompa's neighborhood at home.  Ronan had a little breakdown when we got home and had declared it the "worst holiday" in his life.  Needless to say they are super excited to be flying back home on Sunday to visit family and friends and celebrate the Holiday season.

The sky on Halloween morning, this was also when T.S. Tomas that became a Hurricane traveled south of us.  It was very ominous looking outside.

The boys and I both made the observation that we would not want to be in that little plane in the dark clouds.  SPOOKY

The boys in their costumes - they were characters from Clash of the Titans - Dillon was Persius and Ro - well some scary dude - I can't remember his name.

Great costumes I think

Looking their part

Aarden with a newly painted Halloween pumpkin on her cheek

Ro and dad wrapping Dillon up into a mummy at the party. Thank you daddy for taking a study break and hanging out with us

Ro working hard to get Dills mumification just right

Spooky mummies

Dill and Ro getting ready to eat the donuts really fast - a perfect game for them

Mom, can we play this game every day?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone, we cannot wait to see all of you when we are home.


  1. Great costumes. I am sure you will get plenty of treats with all the celebrating we will do with, Hopi's wedding, birthday parties and Thanksgiving and we still have Christmas. Love Ya see you soon.

  2. LOVE your costumes, they were AWESOME, Ro you really looked like a girl in the 7th picture, no offense, in all the other ones you totally looked like a boy.
    Your cousin,