Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring, Transition Time

In a recent conversation with my best friend back in Colorado she was relaying to me the news of many people leaving for big, long term trips - my reply was that it is spring time - the time for transition.  As I thought about it - even though here we go from hot with tradewinds to hotter without tradewinds (unlike Colorado that goes from cool to warm with random snow and rainshowers in the spring) we are still in a time of transition, growth and change.  We as a family experienced our first break spent on the island and Mike has now begun his third semester - the beginning of second year of med school.  We have said good bye to many fifth semester friends who are returning to the states for their step 1 exam and to begin clinical rotations.  We have also met some of the new first semesters who are just beginning their adventure here on the island.  Mike has also begun classes that relate more directly to treating patients and making diagnoses - something that actually makes med school enjoyeable (as much as studying for 17 hours in one day can be).  I to have gone through changes, I have completed my finals (which means no school work until the end of August), had a birthday and mothers day on the island which is very unique - although you do not have your extended family here you have your island family which is very special.  The boys are experiencing changes as well - Dillon is about to have his 11th birthday and has officially started surf club, Ronan experienced a small injury (ok maybe a broken arm in a foreign country is big) and they both have started with a new tutor.  As a family we are beginning a new semester with lots to keep us busy, surfing, injury recovery, gardening (the garden is expanding daily and we are running out of room), our second hurricane season, blog updates and of course more exploring and beach time on the island.  I have been very busy with finishing my school work and have neglected the blog - so look forward to many, many updates - I have been very OCD in regards to keeping the posts in order but had to let that go with our last month of nuttyness.   There will be many exciting photos from Mikes parents visit on the island, the growing garden, surfing and all the fun stuff we find in between.  Enjoy what is to come.

Thank you Karla for the rare family photo we have (this is Dillons pre-birthday party we shared with the Daniels family - their son Ethans birthday was on the 8th of May).  Embrace all the changes and transitions you encounter this spring.  The McGlue family.

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