Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Rock Wall

Way back in April when I talked about the garden we were starting I mentioned a rock wall that our friend and neighbor built for our garden - well - finally I am doing that post.  It is interesting looking at these photos as the garden has changed so much in less then a month.  But for now we will focus on what it was like back then and appreciate all the hard work John put into the wall.

John our awesome rock wall builder - really he has to be crazy to do such hard work in this heat

I would not know where to begin but I think my sister Carith would love this project

the fish eye lens gives us the big picture - well the huge amount of work really

Have you noticed the site supervisor yet?

the wall is beginning to take shape

the sun was very strong and the sky deep blue that day

during the rock wall building I was distracted by the new flowers I saw in the yard

I found these little ants crawling inside these bright yellow flowers

the middle is so intricate ( I know there is a scientific name for these parts)

some green baby tomatoes on the new plants

we were so excited to have these tomato plants in our garden

John making some little rocks to fill in spaces

There is always an audience with a big project like this - Hans and Kathryn were very excited to see the addition to the garden as well

I thought I was done taking photos until I turned around and saw this very unique plant and had to take a just a few more

A big thank you to Kathryn and Hans for making our community garden possible and to John for all the heavy lifting and the beautiful rock wall.  It makes the garden a 100 times better.  It is so much appreciated.  There will be pics of the completed wall in coming posts.

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  1. oh my gosh! i had no idea that that wall was never there :) your garden looks great. :)