Saturday, May 14, 2011

Guana Bay with Grammy and Boompa

Mikes parents came to visit us on the Island over the April break.  They have never been here before so we prepared for their visit by making a list of all the must see places and restaurants that we could fit into a short week.  We had another obstacle - during their visit there were many holidays, Good Friday, Easter, the Queens Birthday, Jump Up (the beginning of Carnival parade) and I am sure I have forgotten at least one.  This meant that restaurants and  grocery stores would be closed, so we had to pay attention to this with our planning.  They arrived in the evening and we took them right to dinner at Cafe on the Bay.  This restaurant is wonderful (they have a mini vegetarian menu), is right on the lagoon and has reasonable prices for a nice place.  They usually have live music on the weekends.  We were all super excited to share our island with family and the boys could not wait to spend time with Grammy and Boompa - we lived a few blocks from them in Colorado - so they really missed them.

The next day we thought we would take them to Guana Bay - this is one of our favorite beaches.  Unfortunately we do not make it there often as it is a bit of a drive.  I think because of this when we do go we really soak it all in and somehow end up staying all day.  The waves are always fun for boogy boarding and just playing in - there were many, many giggles and smiles that day (it is always a good start when boompa mistakes his sunscreen for toothpaste - the boys just loved that).

once the sunscreen was on - it was straight to the waves

there is just something about Guana that brings these instant boogy boarding giggles out- so special

really there is nothing better - we were so happy to be able to share this with Grammy and Boompa


this shot and the next few are a great series of ro riding a wave on his boogy board

a perfect finish

time for this guy to relax a little

typical Guana Bay - the waves were fascinating  - it was impossible to not watch them

Boompa - he was loving the waves to

awesome - everyone was a kid again

the waves were not enough i guess

dad was leaping over the waves

the waves had everyone's attention

sweet pumpkin

Mike could not resist catching one himself - I think the whole family needs boogy boards

Ronan always seems to find a four legged friend wherever we go - we also looked for turtle nests - we are pretty sure we found 1 big one

the new guy figured we were ok to hang with for the day

after a picnic lunch and a rest on the beach it was time to head back in for more wave action

the waves got a little bigger in the afternoon

do you see Mike?

awesome waves

ro - peaking off the top of the wave

the waves were so clear you could see bodies under the water

it was great to see the boys spending some time with dad - they miss him so much during school time


I see 2 boys - do you?

running in water

nice wave dill

preparing himself for a good wave

we took the water camera out to try to get some fun photos of the waves - and us getting taken out by the waves

we thought we would end a super fun beach day with a stop at Maho beach to watch the airplanes

I dont know anywhere else you could pull this off
Grammy and Boompa thank you for sharing one of our favorite beaches with us - this was just the beginning of a very busy and fun week.

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