Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Official

So going back to the first week of May, Dillon officialy started Surf Club.  It is the Quicksilver Surf School on the French side at Le Galion.  It is run by Windy Reef and their owners Sebastion and his wife Helene who are wonderful people.  Dillon completed his five required lessons and Frank his instructor gave him the go ahead to start Club (which also means there are competitions to be a part of).  I was actually suprised when I spoke to Sebastion to sign Dillon up and he gave me a list of what we had to do - pay money (of course), bring a photo of Dillon's face (for the ID card), fill out a form and have Dillon get a medical physical - really all the sudden we have gone island style to real and official.  Sebation explained because it is under the French Federation Surf School - ok - so we are official now.  Ronan was also planning on joing the surf club and is working in that direction.  He is adjusting to being out in the water solo - I have to remind myself at times that he is only 8 and he did not grow up here.  Yes he has spent alot of time in the ocean, lakes and pools and when he plays in the crashing waves at Mullet you would think he is fearless (and he is at times).  There is something different when you paddle out in open water independently and are required to seek out and catch your own wave.  He has gained an awareness of his surroundings and it can be intimidating without mama by his side on her own board.  I have noticed this on several occasions lately - we have been stand up paddle boarding while Dillon is surfing and I spooked Ro a few times - 1 time I slipped and fell onto the board (it would have a very entertaining sight - thankfully we were in the middle of the water) and made a loud bang - Ro was laying on the board looking into the water - he franticlly looked up - he thought a shark had hit the bottom of the board.  A second time I saw a pretty big fish in the clear water and showed him - well that is when he shrieked for me to take him back to the boat.  I am not sure if he is watching to many shark shows (which they do here and I dont know why) or he is just beginning to make the connection that he is in the same environment as all these creatures.  He is also adjusting to his environment - regardless he is my youngest little guy and is only 8 and I need to remember this.  Once his arm is healed we will begin lessons again and see where he wants to go with it.  One thing I do know is he loves the ocean and is at peace when he is in it and around it.

Dillon on the boat and ready to go -this is his first time headed out without mom

and off they go - you know it is kind of like when you send your kid off to school for the first time, what if something happens - who will be there to help them out.  You have to remind yourself that they will be just fine.  Ro and I did hop on an SUP and head out - just to take a peek and see how it was going - plus it was a workout for me.

and they are headed back, all in one piece and with a smile on his face - a success it appears

looks like it was a fun time

one tired out boy

this is the same intense look I would see on Dillons face when he rock climbing in Colorado.  Dillon enjoyed club - I think he has found another passion besides rock climbing.  This means happiness in the mountains and the ocean.

I thought I would add some random photos of life on the island - this one my favorite drinks - Aloe - it is great for rehydrating after a day at the beach

this is the green parrot that usually flies over our house in the morning and the evening - his call sounds very distressing and usually catches your attention and his flying is very awkard.  I saw him fly with another parrot the other day - this pic is a bit fuzzy as he landed really high up in a tree.  We will try to get a better one next time he settles for a moment.

Our friend and security guard White brought us Spice Bun (I kept calling it spice bread) and cheese that they eat at Easter in Jamaica.  Definitely yummy!!!!!!

as we move into summer and hurricane season the ocean changes its look - the horizon looks very dark and you cannot see any of the nearby islands - it seems everyday we look out something is different.

we never seem to tire of watching the planes coming in low over the ocean - large pieces of metal just hovering over the ocean.  Life on the island is never boring.


  1. great post! love that smile on dill's face coming back from his first club sesh. what a great experience this will be for him - the memories alone! wow... you must mention that all those other boys speak french too! wonder if he'll start speaking a little - at least the greeting cava i would assume. mmm... aloe drink! my favorite alltime island drink. keep posting! i love it!

  2. you are right anushka, the language difference adds a whole other dimension to his surfing adventure. miss you guys, i will have an aloe drink for you.