Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anguilla on Easter

On Easter Sunday we thought we would visit a nearby island - Anguilla.  It is a short boat ride and relatively cheap, we had only stopped at one of the beaches on a cat trip so we were looking forward to exploring the island a little more.  We also thought it would be a great day trip for Mikes parents.  We started to the morning early with a visit from the Easter Bunny.  We made our way to Marigot to catch the boat and stopped in at Sarafinas to grab some yummy breakfast treats before we got on the boat.  We met our neighbors Jim and Alexi at the boat dock.  Anguilla is an English island so we had to bring our passports to be stamped.  We had heard from others that you can pick up a rental car when you arrive on the island and so that was our plan.  Jim and Alexi were going to get a car and we were going to get our own.

the boys coloring eggs the night before Easter

perfect beauties

wakey, wakey eggs and bakey as Ro would say - getting ready to board the boat

the real deal

the boat

Marigot bay

wish we were on this one

so, we thought getting a car would be straight forward - not so much on Easter - yes, usually it is no problem to rent a car when you walk out of the immigration building.  We sent Mike and Jim in a taxi to get a rental car.  We expected two cars and they came back with 1 BIG van (it could fit at least 12).  I was not complaining it has awesome AC.  That is why this pic is of Jim and Alexi in the car trying to figure out where we were going first.

notice something?  Thats right the car is on the left - you know what that means - an adventure that is even more fun - just imagine roundabouts that are backwards

spot the Egret sitting on the drivers side window?

yes, it does take 4 adults to read a map and yes it is possible to get lost on a small island

one of the bays from a rare highpoint on the flat island - I have no idea which one with all our circles and zigzags

snagged a photo of a church on the go - Mikes driving is not supportive of any decent photos on the fly

I know it is blurry but I wanted to show the amazing rock work we saw on the island

one of the many cool boats we saw that day - we found a bay/beach that we could access.  Alexi and I plopped under a funky palopa and the rest of the crew enjoyed the shade of a restaurant and had some eats and drinks.

so many different boats

and more boats

it was awesome watching each boat get "put" together, once the mast was ready a group of guys would grab the line and they would walk it up.

thats a happy Alexi

a leisurely time

the boys could not believe their ears when I said yes to 3 scoops each of ice cream.  Mike didn't either - it was barely lunch time - haha - it is vacation and Easter

the only thing missing from our spot was a cool breeze - it was beautiful

this colorful sail was my absolute favorite of the day - take note of the itty bitty island in the background - it is just a restaurant on a sand bar basically.  eventually we hopped back in the car to find our next spot

it was even better - it was the other side of the island ( I believe), the side we can see from St.Maarten - better then any picture in a magazine

crystal clear water, perfect colors of blue and green, the softest sand ever (like when you get a mud treatment), no people - I think this is what you call Paradise.

right away the boys noticed the white and black Angel fish - they grabbed their masks and the camera and had some fun (that is why we love the underwater camera)

they were everywhere

yes it is blurry - but it shows I was really there

silly water baby

I think this one wanted to nibble on Ro

I pretty much decided that this spot was so perfect it was rediculus

you could just float in the water forever

I think Jackie decided she just was not going to leave

so good to see the boys spending time with dad

funny face

love that smile

the little restaurant on the beach

loves  his daddy

happiness, it was a wonderful day full of laughter and joy.  to share the adventure of exploring a new island with everyone  - there is nothing better.  Thank you to all for the fun day - we should really do it again some day!!!!!


  1. mmmm.... what a lovely easter memory this will be for you all! can i just say you would've made very pretty girls? the boys are so beautiful... loved imagining the backward roundabouts... i can just hear the laughter in the car!

  2. you are right, they would - just dont tell them. The roundabouts brought out screeching of delight and terror I think. I updated the post with the rest of the days photos - enjoy. Miss you guys.