Saturday, May 28, 2011


Since we have been on the island we have never gone down to Front or Back street in Philipsburg.  This is where all the people from the cruise ships are dropped off and we tend to avoid crowds of tourist like the plague.  Since it was moving into low season we thought it would be fun to go with Mikes parents.

there are restaurants and shops and a beach - basically you could get off the ship and only see this part of the island

you can see the cruise ship port on the left - there were three ships in that day - the big one you can see is the ship Oma and Papa will be on to come and see us in December.

one of the churches downtown

it was interesting to read about the first hospital on the island

gotta have a pirate in the caribbean

and a steel drum

saw this Indian restaurant in a back alley - there is actually alot of Indian influence on the island in regards to food

on a closer look I noticed these items hanging above the door - possibly for good luck??
it was great to finally take some time to walk around old philipsburg and see some of the history - I am sure we will go again - maybe when it cools down again.

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