Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Afternoon At Surf Club

There was no doubt that Dillon wanted to take Grammy and Boompa to Surf Club to show them everything he had learned so far.  Saturday afternoon we loaded up the SUP and Dill's surf board and headed to Le Galion.  We all (except Mike - who was going to paddle out and meet us) loaded up on the boat to go and watch Dill surf.  This meant I also had an opportunity to take the good camera and try to get some decent photos.  Even though you take the boat out it still takes a zoom lens to catch the action on the waves.  Enjoy - I know there are alot of photos but it was an action packed surf session.

he started out solid right away

he was completely focused

Dillon likes to warm up in the white water for a few waves

Frank - Dill's surf instructor has been teaching him how to turn and about shifting his weight

going by this face Dill is taking it all pretty serious  - yet still has a blast

this was my favorite of the day - arms and legs in every direction

I think I am happiest out on the water

Ro and I played on the SUP while Dill was surfing and Grammy, Boompa and Dad hung out on the boat and watched - we saw a big fish in the water - I told him not to tell Dill - hmmmmmm

although this pic is not super clear this is Dill moving up to the medium waves as he calls them - right before this photo he had to start dropping down the face of the wave (which in the beginning you always wipe out) - he likes to build up his confidence before he moves to these ones - this is where he adjusts his weight on the board according to where he is on the wave

looking back at the Windy Reef surf shack and a cat in the bay

love this face

this was his sweetest wave of the day - of course I was distracted when he started and did not have the camera ready - it was a beautiful wave with a smooth face - his instructor happened to be right there in the water - he rode the wave perfectly

as he rode the wave he made small adjustments to his stance

it was a beautiful ride

I was so proud of him for taking all the skills that Frank has taught him and put them together - it is so amazing to watch him progress.  It was awesome that Grammy and Boompa got to watch all of this to.  Way to Go Dill

a successful day I would say

Ro really wanted to jump in the water and meet his brother - could he possibly be telling him about something we saw in the water earlier?????? (there is no doubt in my mind)

Mike meeting us back at the beach - Dill paddled out to meet him.  Thank you to Grammy and Boompa for taking the time to allow Dill to show you what he has been up to - it meant alot to him.  (Ro just needs his cast off and his fun will begin)

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