Friday, May 27, 2011

The Carousel

There is a carousel on the island that serves really yummy gelato - it is kind of an unexpected suprise.  It is tucked in along the main road through Simpson Bay into Cole Bay and you don't really notice it unless you are looking for it.  It was built by an Italian architect and is a beautiful work of art that seems to bring back childhood times.  It was a must that we bring Grammy and Boompa here to the islands little special place.

the building where they make and sell the gelato is round and the walls have these amazing murals that are made out of thousands of small tiles.  On the outside of this building are black and white photos of people eating ice cream - they range from movie stars to presidents, kings, queens and everyday people.

of course all the murals are about eating ice cream

the carousel is in another round building behind the first one - it is on the lagoon

of course the boys chose to go on the spinny ride - why they do this I dont know - they always get a belly ache - at least they order ice cream after now

oh but they had fun on the ride

the carousel has beaurtiful hand painted scenes on it.  We are very thankful for this fun little gem on the island - thank you for letting us share it with you Grammy and Boompa

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