Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bai Rouge

We all started monday out leisurely after our big day on Easter.  We opted to hang out at Bai Rouge for a bit - it is close to where we live, has some fun fish to check out and a beautiful view to enjoy.

of course the boys went right to the water

you could see our favorite spot on Anguilla across the ocean - the left side of the picture

ahhhh to relax

careful Dill - watch the old guy

my 3 boys


back for more

Ro hanging out with a friend he found on the beach

chillin in the shade - dad and boompa in the background - this is dads favorite - a lounge chair, umbrella and a beer - perfect (and rare with school all the time)

freckle nose

this is why we love Bai Rouge

my little guy has grown up so much here on the island

Boompa saying hello as he heads to the cool water

dill had fun playing with the camera

I think Grammy really liked it here

the afternoon waves were alot of fun

it was a beautiful day at a beautiful beach - we were so glad that we got share one of our favorites with Grammy and Boompa.


  1. oooooh..... i love that pic where you said, "this is why we love baie rouge." that's why i have baie rouge as my wallpaper on my laptop too! mmm.. beautiful!