Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekly Tidbits

Usually this post comes on a Sunday evening. Well,  the local electric company had others ideas - we had a lengthy power outage that started mid-afternoon and continued into evening (we had outages everyday this week but laundry day).  This lended itself to a late swim in the pool and a picnic with head lamps in the house.  We had another fun filled week with lots of fun stuff - meaning beach and pool time of course.  The boys finished their castle project - we will post a picture this week.  We also had a nice strong breeze one day and we did a better test with the windmill - it really works well - we declare that science project a success!!!!!  The boys and I made a solo shopping trip and it was a success without having to go to 10 different stores......that is a rarity here - the boys were also excited that we got great parking spots.  It really helps to do all your errands in the AM.  We played with some new friends at the beach - Karla who's husband is attending school here joined us at the beach and pool with her 3 boys Elijah, Ethan and Eric.  They are very cute, funny and DARING little boys.  Enjoy some photos form our week.

One of the planes ready for take off at Maho Beach

Rainy day in Puerto Cupecoy

Interesting choices at the grocery store.  All I heard was "Ronan stop poking the eyeball".

A Furry friend Ronan rescued from the pool

The creamiest butter ever......Papa does this look familiar?

Yummy Yummy

Ronan studying with Dad

One of the boys new Dutch writing books

More fun books

Hopefully Papa can help with translation

More beach treasures

Another beautiful week on the island

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