Friday, September 24, 2010

More and More Beach Time!

Well, the last week included ALOT of beach time - not really planned that way - it just kinda happened.  How could it not - there are over 70 beaches on the island after all.  We got to spend a spur of the moment afternoon at Mullet Bay with Ezra and his mom flying Ezra's kite watching the crazy ocean.  People were pretty daring that day and were getting taken out by the waves all over the place -the boys carefully scoped out the water and waves and chose to play it safe, playing in the waves hitting the shore.

Sunday we explored a new beach with our friends, Guana Bay.  Upon arrival and testing the waves with their boogie boards the boys declared it their favorite beach.  Good call Anushka.  As you will see in the photos it is a beautiful beach that is people free.  The water stays shallow a long ways - which is perfect for the boys to catch waves.  If they want to catch a bigger wave I can take them out a little further then they can reach, absolutely perfect.  We went for a nice beach/treasure hunt walk and collected lots of shells and rocks to bring home.  We were also joined with some of our other neighbors Erin and Alexi.  It was a beautiful beach day followed by a great rainstorm to cool it off.

Three boys and a kite.

Ezra's kite in a beautiful sky

The boys checking out the amazing waves

So Cool

Do we run?

Nothing better then an afternoon of playing in the waves!

Guana Bay, Sint.Maarten  (Dutch Side)  St.Barths is in the background.

Headed out for some solitude

Aaaaah, perfect waves

So perfect

Nothing beats this smile

Who can ride the wave longer?

Mom and Son

Beach treasures

Treasure Hunt

Three Beach Bums chill'n in Sint.Maarten

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  1. oh my gosh.... gorgeous shots shy! i want copies! i never see pix of myself... fun.. glad to have a shutterbug for a friend... : ) am jonesing for our next beach day. maybe tomorrow afternoon after ez gets his boogie board..