Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekly Tidbits

Hmmm, another busy week with fun stuff.  Interesting boats in the bay.  A visit to Top Carrot (I always mess it up and call it Carrot Top) that is a yummy cafe like place that has smoothies and healthy food.  They also sell beautiful jewelry.  Multiple trips to the grocery store - either because I have lost my brain cells and forget the item that I came for in the first place or I ran out of something the next morning or the store I went to did not have the item I needed and I had to go somewhere else but did not want to that day.  It think it is possible to go to the store every day here.......not what I really want to do.

We did make it back to the Dutch store and the boys got some new projects to work on.  Dillon is working on a castle that is made of clay bricks that you make (with the help of Ronan of course) and Ronan got some more clay - that he loves and is creating all kinds of fun creatures with.  We also got some writing books that are in Dutch.  They can practice their cursive writing and then we translate the words into English.  I will post photos of these soon.  The status of our windmill project - well - we have transformed it into a fan that can re-charge chargeable batteries (these were not cheap 47 dutch guilders for a 4 pack).  The problem is we have not had the right wind to charge the battery completely.  The boys have manually turned the blades just to see if it works - and yes it does.  So, we are just waiting for the right conditions.  We will keep you updated.

Ronan had a rough day this week and broke down in frustration with goggles that were not fitting right at the pool.  We made it back inside for a movie, rest and food.  Well he managed to eat 6 waffles, an apple, a pear, a bowl of cereal, a salami sandwich, a large bowl of chicken noodle soup and 2 grilled cheese ( I am sure I have forgotten something).  HMMMM, maybe he was hungry.  I am really scared for when he becomes a teenager.  Anyway - I thought I would start the next day with a big meal - Blueberry pancakes and bacon.  Hopefully that will keep his belly full for a little bit.  I feel like I am reverting back to when the boys were infants -they seem to be crying for food every 2 hours.  I am telling you any money we have is going to food.

I was able to get away for a few hours weds evening - the movie theater has ladies night and the spouses org. pays half of the ticket - so movies are 2 bucks - I finally have the opportunity to watch girl movies (never happens in a house full of boys - although I did force the boys to watch Top Gun with me one day - now they think I am really weird haha).  I do recommend Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long - pretty funny and it might take you back to college days.......  The boys and I had our movie night at dads school last night.  Friday and Saturday they show movies in the lecture hall with free popcorn - the boys loved watching Ghostbusters on the big screen!!!!
Research or Military??

Dillon smoothing out the clay forms for the castle.

Dillons latest project, learning how to lay blocks - Papa would be proud.

Ronans new clay materials.

Crazy Rabbit - by Ronan

Attack of the Snail

Building begins......

The Boys

Yummy, blueberry pancakes and bacon.

Thats Roro....

Nothing better than blueberry teeth!!!!!


  1. cool castle and clay creations guys! you got a great shot of that boat too cheyenne. i like your layout on this blog... do you choose where the pictures will go or does it do it automatically?

  2. Thanks Anushka, I choose where I put them and their size.