Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly Tidbits

We had a pretty busy week that seemed really long, maybe because we ended up doing so many things.  It is interesting when you home school your children how you have so much more time to do things.  What we would normally try to pack into a weekend can be spread out and enjoyed amongst other activities through the week.  I also came to wonder how anyone could possibly be bored while living on this island.....we are always busy and on the go and there is just so much we want to accomplish.  The boys got a little to much sun early in the week (thats what happens when you play in the waves for 3 hours straight) so we tried to take a break from the sunshine - well that is pretty much impossible here.  We have come to the conclusion the boys must wear their surfing sunscreen and zinc on their lips anytime we are headed for the water.  All I can say is thank goodness for their rashguards - one large section of the body I don't have to worry about.  We finished up our homeschool week with a day of art on friday........and were ready for the weekend.  We also test drove our friends car as a confirmation that we will share it with them until January and then buy it from them in January when they leave to go back to the states.  So, that means a little more convenience and freedom in the future......yippeee more exploring!!!!!!  You will see soon enough it is a fun "island car".  Well, enjoy our fun photos of our week.......

And we looked out our window and what did we see?  Hmmm they were trimming our palm tree oh so safely with a machete of course.

Our Beautiful view.

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