Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things That Go Bump in The Night (or day)!!!!!

So, I really wish I had pictures for this post but that would mean I would have hidden cameras all over my house - great for the kids - not so much for me.  I might have mentioned before that our electricity and water go out randomly at times here.The last few days we have had consistent outages - (thankfully not today as it was laundry day and I did not want to deal with that one!). The last time our water came back on it was a little bit more interesting - usually you turn the faucet on and there is some sputtering and noise and then the water flows.  WELL, we were calmly enjoying some electricity free time - playing a Canadian History card game when we start to hear some chug, chug, chug chugging in the kitchen - hmmm - we look at each other - OH ok it is just the water heater filling up - all good.  Back to our game.....then we hear this rumbling sound that got louder and louder - hmmm not from the kitchen - must be the bathroom (not like we have a big house with many options).  The boys jump to their feet and in a nervous excited way run to the bathroom and open the door - the sound grew by 10 times and the floor was shaking - it was SOOOO loud - it seemed like the toilet was going to shoot off the floor any second.  The boys screamed and shut the door and ran back to the couch and hid under the pillow - petrified of the bathroom monster that was living in the pipes.  (seriously that had to be one huge air bubble in the pipes - I am used to pipe noises in old houses but this one did have me a little concerned). You just never know around here what is going to happen next and there is never a shortage of excitement.

The other creature in our home lives on the roof.  We happen to have a tin/metal roof (which means any bit of rain sounds horrendous).  If you have ever spent anytime in a tropical location you know that there are random torrential downpours at any and all times of day.  Usually it is when you are trying to get the last bit of sleep in the morning......Although the last one occured in the middle of the night and it sounded really bad and started very suddenly quickly followed by pounding footsteps up to our sleeping quarters in the loft.  Dillon appeared and gasped "Are we OK?"  I am sure visions of a sudden hurricane popped into his head when he was suddenly awakened by extremely loud pounding on our tin roof.  The roof monster quickly quited down and Dillon was assured that is was just rain -although he chose to stay with us the rest of the night.
So, as we are adjusting to living in St.Martin we are also becoming friends with all our visitors who make odd and scary noises during the night and day. (sorry for no photos - all of your vivid imaginations will have to do for this one).

Until next time the McG's

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