Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daddy Made It To The Beach!!!!!

Well as many of you know Mike just completed his first block exams (exams in all his classes on one day).  This means the weekend before Dad is pretty much MIA.  So being the oh so supportive family we are we dragged Mike out to the beach on Friday afternoon for a few short hours to clear his mind before the 2 day study marathon.  We brought him to Plum Bay that we posted about with Anushka and Ezra earlier.  It was soooo different - complely opposite to the calm and tranquil waters we had seen previously.  Regardless the boys had a blast playing in the HUGE and chaotic wind driven waves.  A great way to put the worries away and burn some energy.  I think our plan was a success. 

The boys checking out the waves.

Some big waves and a kiteboarder in the background.

Where did Dad go?

Ronan be careful -big brother Dillon

Dad getting slammed.

Ronan hanging on for dear life.

Although he could only give us a few short hours of time - we cherished them deeply and had an absolute blast.  The boys could not have asked for anything better than some good ole' daddy time. Thank you Thank you.  We are also happy to say that Mike did great on his first block exams - good job!!!  We are proud of you. We Love You.

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  1. wow! great shots! it never ceases to amaze me the many different days you can have on our beaches. i have never seen kite surfers at plum though. just regular surfers.