Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Friends, New Places

     We have finally had a chance to explore a little and spend time with some new found friends (this is good for mom and the boys).  Saturday started with a fun adventure around most of the island, stopping at Le Galion Beach where they have surfing, windsurfing and a great spot for the paddle board.  We are looking into the surf club for the boys.........we enjoyed our day with Aarden and her mom Leah who is our family sponsor here.  We continued on to eat yummy food and ice cream in Simpson Bay and make it home exhausted.

The boys and Aarden playing in the water.

     Since I have not yet had my first driving experience on the island we decided to rent a car for a couple of days and I could take the boys out for some fun, solo.....just so you know there is 1 stoplight, some hidden mini stop signs and endless roundabouts, you yield to the person pulling onto the road and motorbikes zip in and out of traffic from all directions.  Hey - we are ready to try anything right.......  We decided we would go to Orient Bay and try out the beach and verify the supposed climbing area there.  We skyped (how you "phone" people on the island usually) our new friends Anushka and her 3 year old son Ezra and invited them for the adventure (the moral support for the 1st solo trip is always a good thing).  With our beach gear, food and water packed we were all set to go.  I have to say the driving was a success and the beach is perfect - fun waves (not to big you get trashed), fish for Ronan to chase and yes there really was a little bouldering spot.  Bringing the shoes, crashpad and chalk next time for sure.  We were so excited to get out on our own and share it with our new awesome friends!!!!  So glad we found them..........and look forward to sharing many adventures in the future.  Enjoy the photos from our day.
Orient Bay bouldering spot in the background - perfect approach I would say.

Mmmmmm, nothing better than Nutella sandwiches at the beach

Dillon begging Ezra to join them in the waves.

Ezra playing tag with the waves.

Orient Bay, St. Martin (French Side)

McGlue Boys enjoy a sunset walk down our street
Until next time - The McGlue Family


  1. great shots! as you know... we're delighted you're all here!

  2. So, great reading about your adventures and seeing the beautiful pictures. The boys look like they are enjoying themselves. I can hardly wait to get there.
    So you think you will be able to get a car. It sounds like the way to go. How is the price of gas?
    Have to go the office today and tomorrow.
    Love and Hugs to everyone.

  3. Hey guys, I love your blog! Be sure to check out mine!