Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Special Friday !!

Friday evening was a special time.  It was the White Coat Ceremony at the medical school.  An event for the new class to receive their white coat and say the honor code.  It is an official welcome and beginning to medical school.  Although the boys and I really wanted to attend and support Michael.......the thought of keeping two very active boys still and silent for 2 plus hours of boring formality seemed like an unsurmountable task.  So, we sent him off and watched the ceremony at home streaming on the computer that of course was interrupted just before Michael and we missed him........ahh technology.  We continued on the evening with a late dinner at one of the big hotels and all the students and their spouses/families.  The boys faired pretty well on the dessert table and we made it home to bed finally......Michael, congratulations - we are so proud of you. You have worked so hard and finally can enjoy the path you have wanted to take.  Thank you for bringing us to this beautiful place!!!  We love you!!!!!

A beautiful end to a special evening.


  1. beautiful family and post! i keep saying this, but it's true! now, i'm coming to get you and the boys to go to the beach so our michael's can study to become doctors. aren't we lucky?

  2. Looking good Mike, I can tell you are enjoying yourself. Lo e reading the blog and looking at pictures.