Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Beach, New Project

It was a busy weekend and has continued to be a busy week.  We actually had a rainy saturday (great for me) and Mike studied at home with the boys for a couple of hours while I went to the spouses brunch (with NO children - aaahhhh a rare special treat for me) and then the boys and I enjoyed a rainy afternoon at home while I put on a crockpot full of yummy soup - it was thoroughly enjoyed with a fresh baguette from down the street. YUM.  Sunday was a fun adventure day with our new friends Anushka and Ezra (we are so greatful for them and all the exploring we do together) while dad studied.  We went to a new beach called Plum Bay......so very beautiful as you will see in the photos.  The water was very calm and clear.....the boys snorkeled for a little bit.  We could tell the coral had been affected by the hurricane.....it was all covered with sand and there was a fair amount of dry coral on the beach.  Hopefully it will come back quickly.

This week we started our science project that is a windmill and focuses on renewable energy......we are hoping to complete some experiments with it this week.  We probably should have had this built for the hurricane.  Maybe with tropical storm Julia coming by we will get some decent wind.  The "breezes" have not been to strong here, yet.  During our shopping excursion yesterday we found a neat little store that has some dutch school books - these would be great to change the schoolwork up a bit (plus Papa would be so excited if we actually learned a word or two!).  The boys and I will be keeping busy the rest of the week and weekend as Dad studies for his first block exams......they are on Monday - so send lots of good vibes this way......

Plum Bay, St.Martin (French Side)

Ronan finding treasures!

Silly beach boys.

Anushka, Ezra and Dillon enjoying the beautiful water.

Aahh, nothing better.

Beach treasures.

Working together (really, this is the proof).

Yes, the school uniform is no shirt, no shoes - comfy shorts.

The final product - ready for testing!!

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  1. love that about homeschooling - learning in your home is so comfortable. great project you guys! when you use it as a fan it will be so cool. ezra thinks it's an airplane, by the way...