Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Special Month of June

June is a special month in our family - it is the month of Michael's birthday and Fathers Day!!!! (also my sister Carith's b-day).  As it seems to happen alot on the island with holidays and birthdays  - Michael's birthday fell on the day before blocks.  We held off on a celebration but then took the time to make sure he knew how much we loved him once he could relax and have a good time after exams.

he cherishes the time he spends with the boys

although he does not have alot of quantity of time - they make it quality time

they love spending time with dad

although they miss their daddy lots they know it will be worth it in the end

Michael - Happy Birthday (we know it was a big one) - we hope you had a good time after exams.  We are so proud of you - you work so hard to follow your dreams.  You are an awesome dad and husband  - and such a great role model for Dillon and Ronan - to know that it is important to go after what you want in life.  We look forward to many more birthday celebrations and fathers days.  Thank you for everything you do - we love you lots.  Love Dillon, Ronan and Cheyenne


  1. you know i'm pregnant because i'm tearing up at this post... ; ) so sweet and happy father's day and birthday to you mike! it is so worth it what you are doing. i'm proud of you too! : ) love, anushka

  2. thank you Anushka - we are so excited for the new little one - love the mcglue family