Sunday, July 17, 2011

The French Fort (Fort Louis)

It has been a bit since we have been off the island (March - which for us seems like awhile) and we were a little antsy for some change.  We got some - our friend Addie from Colorado has come to visit for a few weeks.  Although the weather has been stormy we are fitting in fun activities.  We took a visit to Marigot and hiked up to the Fort and of course made a stop at Sarafinas.  The weather was cloudy and windy but it made it exciting and less hot.

Ro giving us the intro


Marigot Ferry terminal through a window in the fort walls

The background is Cupecoy (the creamy yellow building with the red roof is the university) on the lagoon and the front of the photo is Nettle Bay


a funky bush

wild boys


checking out the view - the water is not the beautiful blue like on sunny days but the clouds were a welcome break from the heat

In the windy cloudy weather it is a perfect place for the boys to run free and explore.

A map of the Marigot harbor

the square at the Marigot Market

OH - you have to try this one - the boys are figuring this whole Sarafina's thing out - not such a bad place after all.  They used to say the desserts were just tooooo much haha.

One of the many great things about the island

it was the end of the day so the selection was smaller than usual

and how are we supposed to eat any of the bread back at home now?

Ro displaying his broken arm - we are expecting 5 more months of healing and it should be straighter - at least that is what the doc promised Ro when he took the cast off.  The good thing is it is getting stronger and straighter every day and it is less painful.  The result of all this - he is a back to his crazy daring ways.

do you see Addie?

As you can see I have gotten back into taking photos after a little break.  The boys and I had a blast with Addie and there will be many more adventures while she is here.  Thank you Addie for coming to visit - we loving sharing our island with folks from home.

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