Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fishing Adventure??

We have some neighbors in Tradewinds who own a fishing boat and they offered to take us all out to do some fishing.  Dillon, Ronan, Alexi, Addie and I gathered up some snacks, sunscreen, water and towels and were ready for a fun afternoon on the boat with Dion and his son Caden.  It was a blazing hot day so we were excited for this unexpected adventure and a chance to get cooled off.

leaving the marina on the lagoon

Ronan and Caden ready for some fishing fun

getting ready to go under the bridge

Simpson Bay

Alexi working on her tan before she leaves the island

Hanging on through the big waves (I thought they were a lot of fun??)

St. Maarten

Ro kinda wishing he was close to land again

Addie and Alexi hanging on for the rough ride home haha

La Samana

The boys love jumping off the roof of the boat

Caden was a brave little boy too

Dillon getting some big air

and Ro

so of course I could not pass it up and Ro wanted to jump with his mama 

we even got Addie to jump into the scary water with FISH in it

and then Alexi - it was a blast

these are the masses of fish we were feeding in the water - they sent Addie frantically returning to the safety of the boat and (Dillon kinda freaked too)

one actually jumped up and nipped at my cheek - they were totally out of control

can you spot the orange cheeto that was responsible for this fish mayhem?

The original purpose of the afternoon was to go fishing -and well - we tried - we headed out to a fishing area that is on the way to St. Barths but did not really have any luck and Ro was kinda disturbed by the large waves (he runs and jumps in bigger ones on the beach??).  So we headed back to St. Maarten and went along the coast to La Samana also known as Long Bay and had a great time jumping in the water and feeding the fish.  It was a really fun day for everyone.

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  1. Haha! Your kids are so cute. I can see how happy your family was based on the pictures. I felt the same excitement and happiness when my family went for some Vanuatu gamefishing last year. It was so much fun! I hope we can do that again!