Saturday, July 23, 2011

Addie, Addie

Our friend Addie, a climbing buddy from home visited for a few weeks and has headed back to Colorado -  I just wanted to post a thank you to her for coming to visit us....

Thank you for
- taking 3 weeks of your summer to visit
- bringing your moms yummy recipe (and great cooking magazine) with you
- washing dishes (that means so much when you don't have a dish washer)
- hanging out with the boys
- making us get off our butts and show you the island
- sharing cooking adventure/disasters with me in the kitchen  - but they all came out good
- pushing me to suck it up and get us to the Harry Potter movie the night it came out ( a day before it came out in the states - another cool thing about the island)
- video taping our island drive (still need to download that)
- assisting with making Lime Chicken for the Bolivia Trip Fundraiser (I was sooo sick of making chicken) and selling it at the school
- allowing me the opportunity for a girls only lunch (such a rarity with a MIA med school husband)
- giving Mike and I a chance to go out to dinner with friends and NO children
- for reminiscing with us about all our fun climbing adventures

I am sure I am forgetting something so if I think of it I will add it to the post.   We really enjoyed your visit - we hope you had as much fun as we did.

we loved your peach/plum cobbler

volunteering for a good cause - Mike really appreciated all the help

I think you might just have to come back and visit so you can make another one

our favorite spot in the summer - Redcliff - we are excited to get back there next spring.  we miss all our climbing friends - we know we have an opportunity to enjoy and explore the ocean and are doing so - but also realize we have our climbing to come back too when we return to Colorado and most importantly the people that make it so much fun - until then we miss you all.

Addie, we loved having you and sharing the island with you.  I hope it was an interesting experience that gave you a perspective to another part of the world. I know you have the traveling bug - hang onto it - it is a good thing to have.  If we make it to England like we hope, you just might have to visit us there.  Once again we appreciate all the help you gave us while visiting - see you soon.

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